Thursday, August 13, 2009

ADD and Lisa Frank

There's a reason why I was never a Lisa Frank type of girl: It's over stimulating. As I child I was medicated for ADD and couldn't handle the colors, animals and alternative planes that Lisa Franks characters existed in, without having a mental breakdown.

For example, why is this dog floating in space while chewing on a rainbow necklace near a gigantic genetically modified strawberry.
Enough said on this one.
This one is pretty stellar. I'll give her props. Science proves that this love fest does exist once a year.
can we say March of the Penguins.
Maybe it was good I strayed from her work. If I had this picture on my trapper keeper, I may be a furry today...

The best part of looking back at the Lisa Frank phenomena, is her current website. It features a section called GANG. I love the idea of gang culture infused with Lisa Frank. It would be amazing.

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