Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cause I'm a Creep

I have countless collections in my home.
Vintage board games
antique rocking horses
keys, gold gilded frames...

at one point I was even collecting 1995 Volkswagen Golf's

but today I want to highlight my ever growing
creepy doll collection

Some have stories, some don't

1.Flying Monkey,originally purchased as I gift for my Mother. It freaked my Father out so much, she gave it back,thrift purchase

2.Russian,creepy eyes that blink, purchased as a pair with #7,thrift purchase, Stock Exchange

3.Miami,I made this doll from an old Florida souvenir and a decoration from my birthday cake.It represents Florida to me, handmade

4.Strung out Horse,still debating whether he is creepy or cute, gift from boyfriend,Nantucket Book works

5.Shoe Horn/Bowling Pin,a black face shoe horn or is it a dressed up bowling pin...either way it's creepy, thrift purchase, Savers

6.Ramsey, fearless curly haired ram. she used to travel with me everywhere. She has since retired from being my companion, Shades Plus

7.The Butler,purchased as pair with #2, thrift purchase,Stock Exchange

8.Kristal Duane Febreeze Gomez,Kristal is completely crocheted with plastic hands and
face. Doll is made to suck her bottle or her thumb, your choice. This hand made beauty is currently dating Flying Monkey. Famous tag line "You know you want it",defiantly a favorite around the house, thrift purchase, savers

9.Tyler, Last but not least, Tyler is my car monkey. He hangs from my rear view window and keeps me company on long road trips. Tyler wears orthopedic shoes because one of his legs is longer than the other. He has been with me in three cars (my current ride and 2 vw's), Nantucket Book works