Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West's Ego Reaches New Heights

Don't get me wrong. I use to love Kanye's attitude problem.
His debut album, "College Dropout" was my favorite a few
summer's ago. I have even seen him live.

But his outbursts are no longer rock-n-roll, there a bit odd.
Taylor Swift, the nineteen-year-old country scarlet, won her
first moon man for her video "You Belong To Me". During her
acceptance speech, Kanye grabbed the mic from Swift and
declared that Beyonce's video for her song,"Single Ladies" should
have won. Beyonce looked mortified, and then there was Swift,
who stood on the stage speechless.

Beyonce went on to win the VMA for Video of the Year
and give Swift the stage. Further proving that even Beyonce
thought Kanye over stepped the boundaries with his earlier out burst.

I guess he didn't get enough publicity for his outburst at the
European Music Awards. When Justice won instead of him.

Other Shining Moments

Mike Myers looks like he is slowly dying of over whelming embarrassment.
(for the record I actually think this is amazing. it's like a train wreck)

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