Friday, October 2, 2009

Film: Freaks

Freaks is a fantastic film. I won't normally say it's
a horror film, (I'm devoting all October film blogs
to the genre) but the last scene of the film. When the
"freaks" are crawling in the mud, freaks me out.(pun intended)

The story follow a women who tries to manipulate a
man, who she considers a freak, for his money. A
close knit groups circus performers band together
to save their friend from her advances.

Tod Browning's characters steal the show.

photo source:dvd beaver

This is my favorite scene.


  1. This reminds me of the book "Geek Love" It also has a similar look to "Spider Baby" which you've probably seen. Then again, I was wrong about the typewriter.

  2. oh snap. I haven't seen "Spider Baby". But I have seen "Baby". Have you seen this movie yet?

  3. You mean "The Baby"? I hid that movie on purpose. I haven't seen this one, but we should have a Spider Baby party. It is a crazy film.

  4. it's a deal.

    Spider Baby

    followed by


    followed by


    as a grand finale