Monday, October 5, 2009


I was tagged recently by Jess at Idols Craving Ballerinas.
So here it goes. Rules are: one word answer.

where's your cell phone: charging

your Hair: brunette

your mother: peculiar

your father: brilliant

favorite food: sandwich

dream last night: perplexing

favorite drink: beer

what room are you in: desk

where were you last night: cinema

something you aren't: muscular

muffins: tacos

wish list item: canon

where did you grow up: providence

what are you wearing: p.j.'s

your pets: johnny

friends: laughter

something you're not wearing: chainmail

favorite store: thrift

favorite color: unknown

last time you laughed: bed

your best friend: paul

place you go to over and over: library

person who emails you regularly: mother

favorite place to eat: sawadee

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