Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Don't You Love Me

When I first saw Beyonce in GaGa's video 'Telephone', I was in awe of how perfect
she looked playing her character Honey B. The vintage hair, black lipstick and cat
eye liner made her even foxier. (If that is possible)

So when I saw Beyonce's new video 'Why Don't You Love Me', I was more then elated. Beyonce's
character B.B. Homemaker is the perfect pin up. I love every frame of this video.


  1. I like her rings and the tuffed headboard on the bed....

  2. I saw this too while I was at the gym hhahah, and I wait for it everyday at the gym to come on but it never does :( When I saw it I was like omg this is amazing!!!