Monday, June 20, 2011

NYC & Philly Blogger Meet Up

It was so wonderful to meet a group of such fine ladies.

The wonderful Liz of Olive. My Love and Anna Li of Hello Anna Li

Hannah of Heart City Vintage

Emily of It Girl, Rag Doll

Kallie of Happy, Honey, and Lark with perfect hair

photos of me against a tree (looking rather sad, yet I was rather happy)

Liz, Myself and Emily on the roof top looking so serious

photos: Anna , myself, and Veronika


  1. love your dress & the pics of you! everyone looks really so genuine & nice.

  2. thanks! everyone had a great time...

  3. You look like my Mom in her soroity pics...I'll send them to you!

  4. "this is what's happening: you're invited to a party."

  5. yay! so glad you came out, it really made my day. it was also nice to kinda know someone in person already hehe. more fun to come, i can feel it in the summer air!

  6. it was so great to meet you! and i didnt even realize at the time that i've been looking at your blog recently- always lots of inspiration!