Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hunting Falcon

Some day I dream of living out in the country side with a hunting falcon..

"Falconry is the art of using a trained raptor (bird of prey) to hunt wild quarry
like birds or small mammals. The practice dates to at least 2000 BC and birds
used for falconry (or hawking, a near-synonymousterm in the modern parlance)
include buzzards, eagles, Harris hawk,Peregrine falcons, Lanner falcon, Gyrfalcon,
goshawks, owls and kestrels, among others.

The pastime is complicated and time-consuming and, in America at least, requires
a minimum two year apprenticeship. The raptors are not pets and do not establish a
bond with their handlers beyond trust and food source. "

plus those mini hoods are cool...



  1. Yes, I love the accessories! But I would so want a bond with the falcon...

  2. I know right. I became so depressed when I read that. It's the same as bees I suppose though. You never bond with the hive...