Sunday, February 5, 2012

Babes Roundup: 5

I wore Polka Dots for four days straight this week. I can't break away.
1. Green cloak via WWD
2. Polka dots of Erin of Calivintage
3. Anne-Catherine via Vanessa Jackman
4. Dream dress with boots via Dear Golden
5. Dots at Berlin Fashion Week via Glamcayon
6. Liz of Late Afternoon in red print with stripes
7. Sheer polka dots via Street Peeper
8. anonymous via Kastor and Pollux


  1. I loved #7, one of my favorites of the week too.

  2. emma cooper, wow. I have never spoke to you via internet. Hey gurl!

  3. un peu de block color mais très chic !