Thursday, August 2, 2012

Country Getaway

I had the pleasure of celebrating a good friends birthday in the country.
It has become an annual summer tradition that refreshes me every year.
I was excited to have an opportunity to play with some new cameras that 
I have recently acquired, my Canon 7D and my iphone. (yes! I ditch Android)
If you visit my site often, you know that I rarely document myself. 
My Instagram will now be a place where I document what I'm up 
to, where I travel, and what I'm wearing.      Follow @lincolntaft


  1. yay! you have such a good aesthetic taste, I'm glad to see how you're in real life - just as stylish as I expected o/ That tradition seems like a really great one, I wish I had friends like that! :))

  2. the best blog : art, stange, vintage et so petic !

  3. Hello, I love reading your blog and I've nominated you for the 'one lovely blog award'! You can see it here:

    Sarah, at Found by Sarah x

  4. how did i just now find your blog!? <3

  5. thanks guys. more exciting things to come

  6. Great post!lovely blog!kisses from Italy