Friday, January 25, 2013

Testing. Testing. One. Two.

My account was hacked, and for a belief moment, I was led to believe
 that I would never post on Les Yeux Sans Visage again. Thanks to the 
fine folks at Blogger, we are up and running. Yesterday's incident made 
me realize how important this little spot on the internet is to me. It's an 
archive of my interests that I enjoy sharing with you. Although most posts 
are super random, I'm excited that many of you keep coming back. THANKS


  1. that is awful, that your blog was hacked. i have to say you are absolutely one of my all time favorite blogs that i read! always inspiring.

  2. oh man. thanks tara-lynn! I was so sad because I don't know many of my readers and felt that I wouldn't have the opportunity to connect with them anymore. So happy that google helped me get it back up!