Monday, June 3, 2013

Road Trip

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to drive through the Californian 
desert in a vintage VW Westy with good friends. It was the first
 time I had seen the desert, being a East Coast girl and all. I was in
utter amazement of it's beauty and  said "Hello" to every cactus. 
The trip took us from Costa Mesa to the San Bernardino Mountains, 
over to Joshua Tree National Park, then onward to Agua Caliente 
State Park, by way of Slab City and Salvation Mountain.
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  1. it looks like a great trip! if i ever go to USA i know where to find the cactus!
    / Petra

  2. This looks fabulous! I'm in the market for a VW bus, just haven't found the right one yet...maybe I need to go out to Cali. Happy travels!